Lena’s Restaurant, South Windsor CT

Irresistible Homemade Tiramisu!

Lena's Restaurant South Windsor CT


Lena’s Restaurant & Bar South Windsor CT, Restaurant Review

I purchased a Groupon for 17 for a $30 dinner meal.

Parking: Lots of parking.

Reception: We were greeted and seated right away by Lena.

Décor/Dining Area: Soon as you walk in, you’ll see the kitchen where they make the pizza. To your right is the reception area for the dining room. The dining area is clean and simple; your typical locally-owned family pizza restaurant.

Lena's Restaurant South Windsor CT

Food: Our dinner comes with soup or salad.  The chicken noodle soup is one the best I had, not too salty and had lots of meat in it. While we’re waiting, we were given warm bread and herbed dipping oil.

Lena's Restaurant South Windsor CTLena's Restaurant South Windsor CTLena's Restaurant South Windsor CT



Main course: Ordered the scrod Mediterranean and meat lasagna.

Scrod Mediterranean – all my favorite ingredients in one dish, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, garlic with lemon basil butter sauce and white fish, how can I go wrong? It was presented beautifully and served with a side of pasta in marinara sauce. Over-all it was good but not as good as I imagined it to be. The fish was a little salty for a scrod, and I couldn’t taste the lemon at all because the garlic was overpowering and is supposed to be a light flavor of scrod and lemon butter sauce. 

Lena's Restaurant South Windsor CT

Lena's Restaurant South Windsor CT

A big pasta plate came with my dinner.

Meat lasagna which comes down to the marinara sauce. Their sauce is on the sweeter side which is perfect for kids or if you if you like your sauce on the sweet side. However, it’s not for me. I like my marinara rich and a bit tart.

Lena's Restaurant South Windsor CT

Dessert: When Lena mentioned that they make their tiramisu, I was all over it. It was delicious! It was light and airy, moist and not too sweet. The coffee taste and cocoa dusting was just enough to give the lightness a little sweet bitterness.

Lena's Restaurant South Windsor CT

Recommendation: There were tables of family with kids dining, and the kids seem to be enjoying their meal and pizza. Will I come back? Yes, to try their pizza. I saw people in and out for pizza take out.

I highly recommend this place for families and a quiet dinner.



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