Ron in Hong Kong

“I’m Ron, and I’m a travelholic! Nothing could stop me from exploring places even if I have to go by myself. Seeing and experiencing the world and meeting new people, not only teaches me new things, but it makes me want to keep going”


If I was asked what my most unforgettable travel was, answer is Hong Kong. It was the first time I met a boy (let’s call him Mr. Miyagi) in a foreign country and the first time I wandered alone overseas that completely changed my perception in life.


Mr. Miyagi left a day earlier than me back to the United States, and I was left alone. With limited fund and feeling intimidated, I grabbed my suitcase and was ready to rebook an earlier flight. Then I noticed my new pair of strappy shoes. Adoringly staring at my shoes, I asked myself, why hurry home? I’m here already, might as well enjoy it. Maybe I could find some bargain shopping which I wasn’t able to do when Mr. Miyagi was here. I took a shower, dolled-up, wore my new pair of shoes and bravely left my hotel room to venture out on the streets of Kowloon.


Hong Kong is a vibrant city with a lot to offer for tourists, but I didn’t want to do any touristy activities anymore. I wanted to explore its sophistication and modern urban landscape in my own terms.


Walking around Kowloon, the sights drastically changed from enormous shopping malls to colorful local markets. Everywhere I looked were shops galore.  From trendy shops to dim sum street food, electronic stores everywhere, fortune tellers, underground restaurants, crazy pet stores and a whole lot more that you could imagine. It’s ridiculously crowded. Imagine being in Time Square triple the size. It was full of life and I didn’t feel alone the entire time.


I lingered in stores as long as I wanted, ate when I was hungry, stopped at coffee shops or bubble tea shops when I was tired and thirsty, mingled with the locals and joked around with the tourists.


I went back to my hotel exhausted and disappointed. I didn’t want to go home yet. I WAS HAVING FUN! I was exploring on my own. It was liberating and inspiring. In one day, I experienced new things that I don’t think I would be able to do if I was with somebody or with a group. I didn’t have to worry about anybody but myself. I had a blast!






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