Confessions of (solo) Travelholics

Solo Female Travelers“Are you out of your mind?”, “It’s too dangerous out there.”, “What if you get kidnapped, how are we going to bail you out?”, “How are you going to protect yourself?”, “How will you enjoy your trip if you’re all by yourself?”

Confessions of Solo Female Travel(holics) From All Over The World

To my fellow female solo travelers, I think we’ve heard all the above concerns from our friends and families.  In reality, not everyone is adventurous, outgoing or available for us when we want to travel, so why inconvenience them? With technology in our hands, it makes it easier us for us to make plans and connect to almost every part of the world.

Travel is euphoria. It’s an unexplainable sense of excitement knowing that you’ll be exploring a different country or state. Immersing oneself in other cultures, including food (I love), history, people and more… is good for the soul. To be physically in places that come alive in way a textbook, video or someone’s telling just can’t. Let’s say, The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is breathtaking and a magnificent display of nature that can’t be justified by pictures alone. You have to see it to be fully amazed.

I’m not encouraging anyone to travel alone, it’s nerve-racking, but it could be an adventure of a lifetime. Below are stories (including mine) and some advice from beautiful and brave women I met from the group Girls Love Travel. We are self-proclaimed travelholics. We have traveled alone and LOVED it!


"Experiencing the world, not only teaches me new things, but it makes me want to keep going." RON COSTANZA, Ron's Food Trips
"You might travel to a place alone, but you don't have to spend your entire trip alone." HALEY WOODS Girls Love Travel
"The point of travel is not to be told, but to be able to tell your own story."

"I tend to travel solo, which has taught me to be ridiculously independent & fearless." ALYSSA RAMOS, My Life's A Movie
"I started enjoying the freedom of just roaming the streets of a city I didn't know."
, Standard of Grace
"If you feel like you're in a bad area you probably are. Use common sense & you'll be fine." ELYSE SIGOUNTOS

"Found my own little paradise and home away from home." ELKE PRYOR
"I'm different because I've never feared being alone." GABBY BECKFORD,
No Matter Where You Are
"Wonder and curiosity led me to travel alone.
Fear never played a role, I wouldn't dare let it."

anne melody
"There is something beautiful about going to places and doing things you never thought you could do." ANNE MELODY
"I wanted to travel more to explore more and help others become explorers."
, World Inside Out
"Being alone forced me to be more
introspective & rethink what was important to me.
HEESUN LEE, Me Want Travel

"I’m more motivated in the things I’m pursuing, and I’ve found more clarity in my life path." SHARON TSEUNG, Me Want Travel
"You won't beat your destiny." MARTA STY
Girls Love Travel is a sisterhood that empowers women to help each other travel
with safety and support.


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