Gun-Shaped Souvenir

Gun-Shaped Tequila Glass Container Souvenir from Mexico

What a fun souvenir, isn’t it? It’s a gun-shaped glass I got from Mexico. The store did a great job securely wrapping it so it won’t break during transit. For extra safety, I packed it in my carry-on bag. Well… we are all aware how checked-in bags are being (mis)handled at the airport.

Tampa Florida Airport – Going thru security, I was asked to step aside in the corner because there’s a suspicious object in my suitcase. For a few seconds, I was clueless and then it hit me. Oh no! It’s the souvenir!

I wasn’t allowed to touch my bag, so a friendly female officer carried my suitcase over to a table.  As she was putting on a new a pair of disposable gloves, she just kept asking me questions one right after another, but in a non-intimidating manner. She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all.

Officer: “Do you know why I have your bag?”

Me:        “Yes, it’s the glass container which is shaped liked a gun. It’s so cute. You put tequila in the gun and you pour it into the shot glasses. It’s so cool.”

Officer:  “What else is in your bag?”

Me:         “Shoes, lots of shoes.”

Officer:    “What else?”

Me:          “Hair dryer, clothes…”

She just kept asking “What’s this?” over and over. Finally she found the gun-shaped glass which was tightly wrapped. She slightly unwrapped it, and excused herself.

5 minutes later… she’s back with good news. I’m good to go, and the souvenir didn’t get confiscated. Thank goodness! She asked me not to take it out of my bag, and also advised me not bring any gun-shape object again to avoid interruptions.

Duh! I should have known better.



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