The Local Grill, Avon CT.

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The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut, A Restaurant Review

I’ve never heard of The Local Grill before, and it’s a fairly new restaurant in Avon. I discovered it from, formerly And because this restaurant was categorized as a gastropub, I purchased the deal right away. I LOVE GASTROPUBS!

What is a gastropub? To me, a gastropub is a place where friends/coworkers hang-out and just chill. It is simply an upscale pub that offers an extensive variety of beer, cocktails and a wine menu with high end quality food. I admire how a simple dish could be transformed into art.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

The Local Grill

Parking: Lots of parking space.

Reception: We were greeted and seated right away.

Decor/Dining Area: It’s bright, modern and tastefully decorated. I’ve been to many gastropubs and they’re usually dark inside. They have nice modern big bars, somewhat loud music playing, TVs in almost every corner and the design is usually modern minimalist.

Their bar is separate from the dining area and they also have outdoor dining

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

Food: I like that the menu is small. Although, there’s only one choice for steak and hamburgers; The Ribeye Steak and The Local Burger. 2-3 more options would have been better.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

I was surprised how reasonable prices were. Everything was under $20, and even the wine list is affordable.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

I started my dinner with a Garden Salad. It was fresh and colorful. I was glad that the dressing was on the side because the vinegar was strong.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

The Ribeye steak: It was a small, thin and fatty cut of meat. When I order a ribeye, I expect a larger cut, but for $19.95 I really can’t complain. The flavor was ok, nothing special to be noteworthy. My suggestion would be to offer a larger cut, and charge around $25 with a choice of mashed or baked potato for people like me who don’t eat mashed potato.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

Pan Seared Ahi Tuna: I ordered this because I love ahi tuna steak with wasabi. I had tried this dish all over the world from Japan, Philippines, Hawaii, Beverly Hills and even Cape Cod. Besides chocolates, unarguably, I know this dish very well.

I was really excited when I saw it on the menu. The description sounded really delicious,  sesame-crusted tuna steak over arugula salad, dressed with balsamic and mango vinaigrette and drizzled with wasabi aioli for only $19.50. I usually pay $30 for a tuna steak dinner.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

The food arrived, and It was beautifully presented. I tried the tuna first. Boy, it was perfectly cooked! Delicious! The sesame crust was not overdone. The tuna steak was moist, and the texture was silky, which I love about tuna (if cooked right). Take note that searing tuna can dry out very quickly, and even slicing it could be tricky. You have to slice it across the grain.

However, that first bite was ruined by the overpowering taste of wasabi. I am a wasabi addict (the real wasabi, not the imitation horseradish) because of its health benefits. A pinch of fresh and real wasabi would have brought out a lot of flavor. But that wasabi was overpowering that made my eyes water.

I sent my dinner back, and they happily replaced with another one with wasabi aioli on the side. I think they forgot the balsamic dressing on my salad, but I ignored it because the tuna itself was worth every bite. For $19.50, I can’t complain. I will definitely order this dish again, without the wasabi aioli.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

Flourless Chocolate Cake: It was good, rich and moist, but I had better.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

Value: After the discount, we only paid $31.27. It’s a very good deal for fresh ingredients and presentation.

The Local Grill in Avon Connecticut

Service: The highlight of my visit was our server, Christina. She was cheerful, knowledgeable, prompt and polite. One of the reasons I would go back is because of her. She was such a delight, and she even talked me into trying the chips and dip for my next visit.

Recommendation: The restaurant is beautiful, clean and nicely decorated. The service was excellent and the prices are reasonable.

If you like tuna steak, they sure know how to cook it!

Do I consider it as a gastropub? No!  But who cares whether I think it is or not. I enjoyed my tuna steak and wine, and our server Christina was excellent, and that’s all that counts.




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